Coffee Care

Keeping coffee fresh is crucial to preserving its flavor and aroma. Here are some directions on how to keep whole bean coffee fresh:

For Whole Beans:

  1. Storage Container: Use an airtight container specifically designed for storing coffee beans. Mason jars with airtight lids or specialty coffee storage canisters are good options.
  2. Avoid Light and Heat: Store the container in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and heat sources like stoves or appliances.
  3. Limit Air Exposure: Keep the container sealed tightly to minimize air exposure, which can lead to flavor loss.
  4. Use within 30 Days: Whole coffee beans start losing their freshness and flavor after two weeks and lose about half their flavor in 30 days. Try to use them within the two week time frame for optimal taste.

For Ground Coffee:

  1. Immediate Use: Ground coffee starts losing its freshness much faster than whole beans due to increased surface area exposed to air.  Aim to use ground coffee immediately for best results.
  2. Small Batches: If grinding coffee at home, only grind as much as you need for immediate use to maintain freshness.
  3. Storage: Teleo Roasters does not recommend storing ground coffee for later use as it can lose half of it’s flavor in a couple of days..

Additional Tips:

  1. Do Not Freeze Coffee: While freezing coffee can prolong its shelf life, it will affect flavor due to moisture absorption and potential exposure to other odors in the freezer.
  2. Grind Fresh: Whenever possible, grind coffee beans just before brewing to retain maximum flavor and aroma.
  3. Quality Beans: Start with high-quality, freshly roasted beans for the best coffee experience.
  4. Monitor Storage Conditions: Regularly check storage conditions to ensure containers remain airtight and coffee is not exposed to unfavorable environments.

By following these guidelines, you can help maintain the freshness and flavor of both whole beans and ground coffee, ensuring a delicious cup every time.