Who We Are

Who We Are

Teleo Roasters is a small Gourmet Custom Coffee Roasting Company.

Teleo Roasters was conceived 20 years ago by its owner, Johnny Taylor. Now, in 2024, the coffee roasting company has become a reality. Our goal is to supply customers with the best freshly roasted coffee possible. We roast small batches of coffee to guarantee great coffee flavor and get it to our customers quickly so that none of that flavor is lost.

At this time, we are operating as a cottage business in the state of Texas, so our coffee products will only be available in Texas. Our future plans are to expand so that we can sell in other states, but that is not feasible at the moment.

About the Owner, Johnny Taylor

Hi, my name is Johnny Taylor. I'm about to reach retirement age and have desired to roast coffee for a living for about 20 years.

Owner Teleo Coffee RoastersThe most important thing about me would be that at the age of 18, Jesus changed my life, and the verse from scripture that says, “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good” became a reality. The moment when I went from knowing about Jesus to actually knowing Him. For me, roasting coffee mirrors that change in my life. When I was younger, I would drink whatever coffee was available, and then one day I started getting coffee from a local coffee shop. I wasn't sure what the difference was, but I knew that it was better than what I had been drinking. Sometime later, I discovered that you could roast your own green coffee beans. My family found me some green coffee beans and gave me a hot air popcorn popper to roast them in. That was when I learned that good coffee beans and freshly roasted coffee made all the difference in the world. A friend made a statement to me, saying, “I never knew coffee could taste this good,” and that always reminds me of “Oh taste and see” every time I drink a cup of freshly roasted coffee. My hope for this business is to build relationships with diverse people and that we would find common “grounds” over our love of coffee. And in doing so, we can make life and this world a better place.